By Bread Alone Jerusalem - Crossroad of Symbols

Varda Polak-Sahm | Photographs

Text | Ulrich W. Sahm

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By Bread Alone

Photographs Copyright © 2000 by Varda Polak-Sahm

Text Copyright © 2000 by Ulrich W. Sahm

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Translated by Ruth Morris

Graphic design: A&D Noa Landman-Sade

Publishing consultant: Zvika Reich

Production management: Uki´s Ltd. Prepress: Kav-Or Ltd.

Printed and bound in Belgium by Grenz-Echo

ISBN 965-555-024-9

To my son Rafael, whom the angels carried off at the age of 25 years. To my daughter Elinor, may the God of all religions protect her.

This book was produced with generous support from Michaela and Michael Wirtz.

Thanks to Eyal Perry for his help in choosing the pictures and to Professor Dr. Carsten-Peter Thiede, Ambassador Dr. Ulrich Sahm, Dr. Jörg Bremer, Antje C. Naujoks and Dorothea Finkbeiner for helping draft the text.