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Israel-Palestinian Negotiations
December 2000/January 2001

Talks were held with Israeli and Palestinian teams in Washington hosted by President Clinton from December 19-23, 2000. The Israeli delegation was headed by Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami and Prime Minister bureau chief Gilad Sher. President Clinton presented a bridging proposal to the parties.

Following a meeting in Cairo between Foreign Minister Ben-Ami and Chairman Arafat, marathon talks between Israeli and Palestinian delegations were held in Taba from January 21-27, 2001, ending in a joint statement.

Israel Government texts:

 Barak to Bush: Sharon is not bound by negotiating ideas - Feb 8, 2001
 Joint Israel-Palestinian Call to Protect Water Supply - Jan 31, 2001
 PM Barak: Diplomatic contacts with Palestinians halted until after election - Jan 28, 2001
 Israeli-Palestinian Joint Statement - Jan 27, 2001
 The Israeli position at the Taba talks - Cabinet decision, Jan 21, 2001
 Remarks by PM Barak in a Conference Call with the Council on Foreign Relations - Jan 8, 2001
 PM Barak Convenes Meeting of the Peace Cabinet - Jan 7, 2001
 PM Barak: Reducing violence and incitement are first goal - Jan 7, 2001
 PM Barak to Chief Rabbis: I will not sign any document that transfers sovereignty over Temple Mount to Palestinians - Jan 4, 2001
 Cabinet Approves Trilateral Anti-Terrorism Apparatus - Jan 3, 2001
 PM Barak to US President Clinton: Arafat's intentions in doubt - Jan 2, 2001
 PM Barak: Israel has proven its commitment to peace - Dec 31, 2000
 Support for the Peace Process - MFA Spokesperson, Dec 26, 2000
 PM Barak: Washington talks designed to lead to reduction in violence and implementation of Sharm understandings, and consider possibility of resumption of negotiation - Dec 24, 2000

US Government texts:

 Transcript Excerpts: State Dept Spokesman on Mideast Issues - Feb 8, 2001
 Remarks of President Clinton on Middle East Peace at the Israel Policy Forum - Jan 7, 2001
 White House Spokesman on Clinton-Arafat Talks: Arafat accepted Clinton's guidelines with reservations - Jan 3, 2001
 State Dept. Spokesman on Mideast Peace Prospects: Both sides accept Clinton's parameters with reservations - Jan 3, 2001
 Excerpts: White House Spokesman on Arafat-Clinton Meeting - Jan 2, 2001
 Excerpts: Clinton on Mideast Peace Prospects - Dec 29, 2000
 Excerpts: State Dept Spokesman on Middle East Developments - Dec 26, 2000
 Clinton meets at White House with Mideast peace negotiators - Dec 20, 2000

Press reports on American proposals:

 The peace that nearly was at Taba - Ha'aretz in-depth report
 Clinton proposal for Israeli-Palestinian peace plan -
Ha'aretz, Jan 8, 2001
 Remarks of President Clinton at the Israel Policy Forum Gala Dinner -
Jan 7, 2001
 American bridging proposal -
"Ha'aretz", Dec 25, 2000

Background material on the negotiating issues:

 Guide to the Middle East Peace Process: Israel-Palestinians
   - Past agreements (since September 1993)
 Jerusalem - Capital of Israel
 Do Palestinian Refugees Have a Right to Return to Israel? - by Prof. Ruth Lapidoth
 The Territorial Dimension
   - Map of Israel and the Palestinian Authority areas
   - Map of the West Bank
   - Map of Jerusalem and surrounding area
 Permanent Agreement Negotiations - Ha'aretz Special Section

The Middle East Peace Summit at Camp David
(July 2000)

 The Middle East Peace Summit at Camp David - Special Update
 Trilateral Statement on the Middle East Peace Summit at Camp David - July 25, 2000
 Middle East Peace Summit at Camp David, July 2000 - US State Department briefings, background, photo gallery

Selected background articles from the press:

 Beilin: Palestinian right of return does not exist - Ha'aretz, Jan 31, 2001
 Arab states give Arafat latitude to cut a deal - if that's what he wants - Ha'aretz, Jan 5, 2001
 A Mount too far? - J.Post, Jan 4, 2001
 Opening the debate on the refugee issue - Ha'aretz, Jan 4, 2001
 Analysis / In search of a magic formula on refugees - Ha'aretz, Jan 3, 2001
 Op-ed / More on the Palestinian right of return - Ha'aretz, Jan 3, 2001
 East Jerusalemites fear PA rule - Ha'aretz, Dec 28, 2000
 Analysis / Settlements on Israel's wish list - Ha'aretz, Dec 28, 2000
 Analysis / Cautious optimism from Cairo - Ha'aretz, Dec 28, 2000
 Arafat's fatal choice: No to the refugees and yes to a deal, or no to a deal and yes to the refugees - Ha'aretz, Dec 26, 2000
 Arafat wants a deal, but is not sure if he can sell it to his people - Ha'aretz, Dec 26, 2000
 Returning to the refugee issue - Ha'aretz, Dec 25, 2000
 Resolution 194 may be the key to Palestinian refugee problem - Ha'aretz, Dec 25, 2000
 Virtual treasure under Temple Mount - Ha'aretz, Dec 25, 2000





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