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1 kg flour

40 gm yeast; dissolved in warm water

1 tablespoon sugar

1 tablespoon salt

2 cups water; lukewarm

1 tablespoon black onion seeds; called Guhta

100 gm magarine; melted



With sugar and warm water dissolve the yeast in a mug. When bubbles come up, pour the yeast into the kilo flour which has been put in advance into a heavy mixer like a Kenwood. Prepare an ordinary bread dough by adding some more water or flour accordingly. Add a tb salt. You can add the black onion seeds, but first try without. Do not make the dough too dry and hard. Let the dough rise well.

When will risen, beat the dough again very well for some minutes. Meanwhile melt the margarine (butter would have a too strong taste) in an aluminium pot (without plastic handles) which closes hermeticallly. You can use a "dutch oven" or some other pot (maybe even made of clay. If the lid does not close well enough, use some aluminium foil. The pot should have a diameter of some 25 cm and a height of about 22 cm.

When the margarine is completely melted, make tennis ball size balls of the flour. Each one should be rolled in the hot margarine to be completely coated by the fat. Put the balls on the side, one over the other until finished, Then distribute them evenly in the pot, close the lid and let it rise again, about an hour. Do not let the dough rise too much. It should not tough the lid. Preheat the oven the highest heat. Bake the bread for some 20 Minute (until you start smelling it). Now turn heat down to about 70 Degrees C. Leave it there until the next morning or lunch. The next day you can "break off" pieces of a dark brown and very special bread along the line of the "tennis balls" do not cut the bread with knives.



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