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Menue at the Sahm home

(non kosher)


Real Peppermint Tea

Varda´s Lavender-Lemonade


Tomatoes with Labane

* * *

Thai Chickensoup

Cucumber Salad with a Yoghurt-Mustard-Dill-Sauce

Salat mit a Diplomatic Orange Juice

Balsamic Tomatoe Salad

Self made green Peppers


Syrian green and black Olives

* * *

Arabic Breakfast

Olive Oil – Zaatar – Labane

* * *

Yemenite Sabbat Breakfast

Kubbane (Bread backed for 12 hours)


S´chug (hot Cilantri dip)

Hilbe (Fenugreek)


* * *

Ben Gurion Rice

Aahronis Chinese Chicken Wings

Flat Chicken in a Green Skirt

Eggplants with Green Tahini

Rosemary-Patatoes à la Grandma

* * *

Mousse au Chocolat à la Sahm


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ÓUlrich W. Sahm




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